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Cruise Control SAVES Millions

While I understand why we use compact (or smaller) cars, an unfortunate side effect is that it is usually not possible to rent one with cruise control. This is not just a convenience. DOE's says "Using cruise control on the highway helps you maintain a constant speed and, in most cases, will save gas," and the FTC and EPA make similar statements at their websites. The question is how much gas would be saved; tested this claim and confirms fuel savings averaging 7% and topping out at 14%. At $3.65 per gallon, just the average reduction would save more than a dollar for every two gallons used! According to the GAO, our 600,000+ vehicles consume about 963,000 gallons of gasoline a DAY. Since only 40% of those are cars and many of those are not compacts, let's assume converting to cruise-equipped vehicles would only impact 200,000 of those gallons per day and let's also assume we get some kind of discount and only pay $3.50 a gallon; this would save us nearly $12.75 million a year! That assumes a five-day work week, which is obviously statistically low; I erred to the side of caution on all front-end data; and I have not been able to find anything showing how many miles are driven in government-RENTED vehicles, which is what started me thinking about this. Given all that, the actual savings would no doubt be MUCH higher. This idea not only saves money but fuel itself, thus helping the environment as well as our budget.

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