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Creating a VA Regional office training dept

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I would suggest the Dept of VA, stop conducting centralized challenge training across the U.S. I would instead suggest each RO having a training dept to give out all new, and updated training. This department would be established with certified VSRs and RVSRS. I would suggest these individuals certified and have certain educational backgrounds. This way the cost associated with travel costs, per diem, hotel costs, and materials for centralized challenge would be cut, thus saving several thousands or even millions of money within a given year. This would also allow for a centralized flow of information and training to be given to VSRs and RVSRS, and allow for updated central office changes to be disseminated from one source, the training department. It would be the people from this dept that would go to a training academy not the several thousands of individuals who go now. These people would also be the only ones dispersing information for training purposes in the RO. this will allow for lots of money to be saved and a central flow of training information to occur.

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