Department of Veterans Affairs

Create Urgent Care Clinic in all Visn's

Creating an Urgent Care Clinic that is open 12 hrs daily, regardless of whether a veteran has a primary care Dr. or is unassigned a primary care Dr., would offer help in the the problems of sending pt's back and forth from the ER to the PACTS within each facilty in each VISN. Not every Visn has this option. Our hospital would benefit greatly in many ways including;less frustration for vets,fewer walk ins in the clinics, tying up fewer medical personnel,maintaining efficiency, meeting the needs of a growing number of veterans, saving costs of too few people being overwhelmed by too much to take care of, fewer staff members in seperate area taking care of only urgent care for all vets. This also keeps the emergency room available for increasing numbers of actual emergencies without decreasing the veteran's feeling that his/her problem is not important also, as it may seem an emergency to the veteran. Urgent Care facilities in each VA hospital would decrease stress on pt's and employees, reduce sick days and improve morale and energize all those involved. This would also decrease the work load of those in the call centers, those answering secure messaging and mail. It would also decrease the number of man hours tied up in the Director's/administrative/customer care offices with calls from veterans that feel their needs are not being taken care of. It then becomes a vicious circle of man hours wasted with phone tag and frustration. I feel this would be a tremendous fix for out wonderful employees and the Veterans that we care so much about. This would need a complete follow through by management to make sure expensive equipment that isn't necessary isn't left sitting unused, or that there isn't an over abundance of unused furninture. Followed from beginning to end use of all programs/personell/equipment, initiated to make certain of the efficacy of this clinic.



Idea No. 10669