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EXOP - Office of Management and Budget

Create Self-Plus-One option for Federal Healthcare Benefits

How many federal employees would benefit from a Self-Plus-One option for health care? Young couples, single parents, empty-nesters? How much money would the federal government save from paying lower premiums? OPM says that creating this option would not generate enough revenue to cover high-risk (elderly) members benefits however, if it's possible for the dental and vision programs to offer a self-plus-one option (which pay out large dividends for high-risk members) then how could it not be available for general health care benefits? If you assumed that there are 200,000 members subscribing to FEHB and 10% of them convert from self-and-family to self-plus-one at a cost of 75% of what they are spending now that would have the potential to save the federal government approximately $200/month. If you multipy that times the 20,000 employees that convert that is a savings of roughly $4,000,000/month; $48,000,000/year. I think OPM should determine EXACTLY what percentage of FEHB members would be eligible to convert to self-plus-one and use that number to determine the impact on revenue used to pay premiums for high-risk members. My assumption is that the number of persons eligible to convert is probably much lower than 10%, being of little impact to revenue while still saving the federal government and tax payers millions of dollars.



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