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Create Agile Teams at Division/Branch Level

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A key component to the success of an Agile Team is positional authority, and full mandatory cooperation with Agile Team members. Agile Team requests, emails, phone calls, meetings, etc. are given top priority by direction of the appropriate Senior Leadership. Agile Team members are basically acting proxies for the Senior Leadership of the scope/area of concern. Agile Team members may have a primary job/responsibility and work on the team in addition, or the Agile Team can be a full time responsibility for team members.


Most everyone has heard or dealt with process improvement, quality improvement, cost benefit and a myriad of related things. The Agile Team idea is simple, yet effective. It saves time and money by identifying processes, workflows, tools, etc. in a START/STOP mentality that greatly improves efficiency and productivity very quickly.

1. Find your top pain points/concerns

2. Perform Agile Assessment

3. START/STOP doing what is needed to implement solution immediately (as quickly as possible)


If needed, solutions can be done in a “pilot project” if needed due to the size/scope of concern.


A quick, down and dirty example would be:


Approval process “X” has been a pain point/concern for many involved at the “boots on the ground” level for quite some time. Agile Team asks the hard questions. Why is it this way? Are there real benefits/needs for keeping it this way? What will truly happen in reality if this does not go through 5 offices, steps, etc., for approval? If we can jump directly from step 1 to 5, or basically directly to final approval, then do so, and do so immediately.


Agile Teams may not be able to change or improve all processes or procedures. They may not be applicable to every situation. (e.g. Legal and/or Regulatory requirements are the main cause of the issue.) However, there is so much low hanging fruit around, the benefits would be incredible if used just for those instances. Works from top to bottom of any org.

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