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Department of Energy

Cradle to Commercialization for New Technologies

The Department of Energy has a number of financial assistance programs for developing new technologies such as renewable energy projects. The programs run from initial, bench-scale (ARPA-E) to pilot scale (EERE) to commercial deployment (Loan Programs). However, the programs do not flow into each other. Align the programs to streamline the identification and commercial deployment of promising new technologies through an overall cradle to commercialization (C2C) program. Also, align the requirements for exiting one program to be similar to the entrance requirements for the next program. In addition, explore aligning bench-scale or pilot scale programs from other agencies such as the Department of Agriculture to ensure a seamless transition to successive programs across the government. Finally, assign a champion within the Department of Energy to help with the application processes for each program and to accelerate the reviews within the Department. This approach has the potential to accelerate overall deployment of new technologies to the marketplace.



Idea No. 16605