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Country weather support why pay for duplication of effort

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Currently the military and the NWS issue weather products (provide the same weather support services) to their users. The Air Force and Navy issues weather graphics for aviation weather forecasting and weather watches, weather warnings and advisories for tornadoes, severe hail, strong winds that the NWS issues for the general public. The Army gets its weather support from the Air Force and the Marines have their weather personnel integrated with the Navy. I believe that the DoD should stop issuing weather products and utilize those products the NWS issues for the country. Over seas locations should continue doing operations but in CONUS (and AK, HI , US territories) the weather support should be limited to only what the NWS does not provide. An example: The president is flying from Washington DC to Reno, NV. The AF issues a weather forecast calling for Severe Air Turbulence. The NWS only has a weather forecast for Moderate Turbulence. In this example the President would have to fly around Reno but other civilian aircraft would be able to continue to fly into Reno. Which agency controls the weather product for the country’s aircraft? I would guess the NWS but why is the AF (another government agency) allowed to go against NWS guidance? This does not make any sense. I believe that utilizing Aviation Weather Center weather products would be the best and that the AF could then reduce manpower & save money over years. Also the DoD could save money by not issuing weather warnings that the NWS issues. Why is the DoD issuing weather warnings for tornadoes when the NWS is issuing the same products. Save money maybe increase the manpower at NWS with Met Techs (GS-5-9s?) that would just issue point specific weather warnings for certain DoD locations. This could save DoD millions and give better forecasts and more personnel to handle high impact weather events in the CONUS. Overseas places I would NOT reduce the way weather is done in these locations.

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