Department of Transportation

Costly Programs (NextGen and GovTrip)

The Federal Aviation Administration, along with multiple other government agencies, is still moving forward with program development, implementation, and utilization of programs that cost billions of dollars. However, they are programs that we can shelf until the nation can recover from the huge debt we have. For example, the Next Generation Air Transportation System (Next Gen) program that is deemed to make air travel more convenient and dependable. In a time of financial turmoil, do we need convenient and dependable?

Another costly venture is GovTrip. This is a contractor program that is actually wasting taxpayer dollars daily. It has had an extreme amount of money poured into it with massive problems. We receive constant emails of problems with the system not functioning properly. It takes hours to do what we used to do with travel agencies in minutes, often with multiple failures and always at extreme costs to the taxpayer



Idea No. 3551