Telecommunications Development Fund

Cost savings

Each year that we experience a continuing resolution, our agency and most others reduce spending to a level representing a percentage of what was spent the previous year. We are able to operate effectively and efficiently under these circumstances even if they continue for 6 months or more. The problem is that when the continuing resolution is lifted and the protocol shifts to an approved budget, there is a "land rush" to go back and make those expdenitures which had to be curtailed in the continuing resolutiion. The waste occurs as a result of this retroactive spending which obviously was not essential or the agance could not have operated effectively and efficiently without it. Once those savings were realize, they should be actualiized. In a household budget or a business budget where you curtail spending for 6 months, you don't immediately go back and make those expenditures once "mom or dad" gets a job. It's okay to save money. The amount of unnecessary spending which occurs in this scenerio is in the Billion$ when spread across an agency and multiplied as this behavior is followed in each and evry other agency in the government. It is like a sense of federal entitlement that almost rfeminds one of the military-industrial complex Eisenhower warned us of, except it is a military (albeit retired) federal complex which is like a virus from within. I recognize there are numerous political areas of sensitivity in each and every one of the governmental agencies. For that reason if for no other, a task force with White House backing should be established to eliminate or at the very least radically reduce these instances of retroactive spending. Such a group of individuals--a small, disciplined team of tactful, savvy, pragmatic people with no political agenda for their own personal careers should make up this group. Presented in the right manner and spirit, this activity would produce impressive and significant results.



Idea No. 10618