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Core Hour Mandates to Reduce Energy Usage for Lighting and HVAC.

Let’s get right down to it. Employees that do not have a pressing need to work past core hours should not be enabled to do so. Here is why. Energy wasters: Computers remain on all night after normal work hours; office lights are kept on throughout the night; and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning remain on after leaving the office.


All of these energy wasters (and money consumers) have solutions, and I’ll tackle each one respectively.

First, install monitoring software in every laptop or desktop logging each power down/up iteration. For every hour that the computer is off you will save energy/money. With proper incentives, this could result in a huge energy savings.


Second, only leave emergency egress lights on at night. The remaining lights should be shut off by office administrators or service personnel. These switches, like the computers, could have an on/off log, and monitoring the usage of the lights will really get employees to be conscious before they leave. These energy saving policies/actions could also be implemented into future service contracts.


Third, I understand the need to keep server rooms and other critical equipment cool, but the work space in which no one will occupy until 16 hours later does not need to be conditioned. This is especially true for larges spaces like common areas, mess halls, conference rooms, hall ways, hangars, auditoriums, etc. I also realize that some positions do not have “concrete” core hours but these details can be resolved during implementation. We pay service contractors a large sum of money each year to manage our systems for us and keep things up and running. The effort required to shut these HVAC systems down at night takes little effort by ONE individual. Depending on the size of the facility, millions of dollars at federal facilities across the United States could see huge savings.



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