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Department of Justice

Converting Unused Sick Leave to Annual Leave

Federal employees should have the ability to convert unused sick leave accrual to annual leave. Employees should be mandated to carry a minimum balance of unused sick leave before they would be able to convert furture hours into annual leave. For instance: an employee must have 240 hours of accrued sick leave in order to convert future hours. Conversion could be a two hour or three hour of sick leave for one hour of annual leave. This conversion would then allow up to an additional 36 hours on a three to one ratio of annual leave. By allowing the conversion, the U.S. Government saves substantially by 1] employees do not call in sick as much 2] employees have incentive to work to convert their sick leave balances 3] employees gain annual leave in which to enjoy quality time at home. Conversion would provide the incentive for annual leave in lieu of sick leave for those before that 100% effective date. Additionally, by increasing the 240 cap to 280 would provide another 80 hours of cashable income for their final annual leave payment upon retirement. This would also add to improving morale by providing employees more quality time to spend with families.



Idea No. 5409