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Convert to a 9 hour 4 day work week

Have all Federal, state and local agencies including schools should convert to a 9 hour, four day work week and everyone has Friday’s off. This benefits, the environment, the worker and the government. It worked in Utah.


everyone will conserve oil on transportation to& from work and on government vehicles,

less traffic and potential accidents,

road and vehicle maintenance would be reduced,

reduce pollutants and green house gas emissions,

reduces workers exposure to pollutants,

reduce operational cost on building utilities, maintenance, security, custodial and overhead material costs,

personal expenses would be reduced: less commuting, less gas consumption, less daily expenses.

conserve water,

increase productivity and decrease absenteeism,

increase family time and relaxation time and give people an extra day to get errands and chores done.

Reduce cost of child-care, and can afford people the opportunity to learn, to create, to volunteer, or garden.

It allows agencies to be open longer to be more accessible for the public.

If full time was changed from a 40hour week to a 36 hr work week then the government would save paying each employee for 208 hrs per year and this would save the government billions of dollars a year.

This is something that should be nationwide on every government level so that it makes it fair for all, and we would all be doing something to contribute to solving these economic debt problems. This will also eliminate the worrying about potential furloughs.



Idea No. 14071