Department of Veterans Affairs

Controling our spending on vehicle repairs

• Repair shops should be closely examined over the estimates of repairs that are issued. Let's put a vehicle repair Czar to commandeer these

If we place field examiners in strategic regions to provide oversight on vehicle repair estimates,

thousands of tax payer dollars would be saved. GSA approves vehicle repair from an office

in front of a computer. This is a short sighted and narrow minded method to ensure we are getting just what we are paying for. Too many times I have witnessed vehicles being repaired for thousands of dollars only to be returned for the same problem and hit with new charges from greedy mechanics' shops. While the computer will provide some insight, the whole picture is not un-

folded unless there is an authoritative physical presence and examination. I believe the

difference will be astronomical if we put our vendors on notice that vehicles will be inspected by a government authority to verify estimates before work is done ,


• More “in house” repairs” should be conducted. Having a repair facility on sight that

Carries out tire jobs, brake, wiper, bulb replacements, oil lube and filter services are cost

effective to the agency and to Federal Government at large. In our visin there is an adequate facility that is central, already basically equipped with repair and maintenance equipment to serve serve several campuses. We are losing too much money

to greedy and corrupt vendors. We can control how tax dollars are spent when we take

greater responsibility for how we spend. We have the facility, we can garner the best qualified personel

and we can safely operate within state and local guidelines.


Farming out our responsibilities might be the easy way but not necessarily the fiscally

responsible way. As President Reagan once said, "Trust but verify."


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