Department of Homeland Security

Contractors -> Federal Employees

There is a huge market right now for Federal Contractors, and new companies spring up by the day to fill these federal positions. In most if not all cases these contractors are working for a third to half of what the Government is actually paying these companies for the position.


Because of this, both the individuals and the Federal Government loose money, meanwhile these contract companies are getting rich. I believe a lot of the contractors currently working would love to work directly for the agencies instead of being a contractor. Unfortunately going from a contractor to a federal employee is not very simple.


Currently at my location, we have around 30 contractors and each one does the same work load as the agency employees. I know that several if not most of our contractors would love to be come federal employees at our office and continue working directly for the Government, however it’s not that easy.


If a contractor wants to become a federal employee he/she must get on USAJOBS.GOV and apply to jobs they qualify for. These job responses can take months to be answered, and upon receiving the new job they are sent off somewhere away from the job they have been trained to do. Once the contractor moves away, the contract company backfills the slot with someone new that has to be trained and taught how to do the job. This of course costs the Government more money again.


My idea for saving the Government money would be to allow agencies who have contractors the ability to bring them in and continue doing the same job. This of course would be up to the agency supervisor at the location of the contractor.


By allowing contractors to become federal employees both the Government and the contractors would be better off. The contractor (now federal employee) would have the pay and benefits of his/her co-workers, not to mention the job security, while the Government would save a ton of money letting go of all these contracts.

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