Department of the Treasury


All agencies need to ensure they are fully utilizing existing Federal employees before more contractors are hired. There is no clear business justification for all of the contractors when you have in-house staff who are willing to do the work. This is wasteful spending and is just increasing the cost on tax payers. In addition, giving work to contractors that in-house staff could perform prevents existing Federal employees from gaining those skills and experience. Just because there is money in a budget does not mean you have to spend every penny. There is too much focus on "using up existing budget dollars" so that you get more money the next year. How can we ever expect to have a balanced budget if we keep spending on people and projects that are not critical? A good rule of thumb is , "If this money was coming directly out of YOUR paycheck , would you still make that same decision to spend it?" ANd remember, in the long term, YOU, your children, and all of us are paying for those costs in the form of hgher taxes. Reward those departments and employees that reduce their annual spending and penalize those that fully use or exceed their budgets. THis is the business and fiscal mentality used in private sector - they give financial incentives and reward those who save money and penalize those who spend recklessly.



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