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Issue: Break in service to Agency / due to delay in approval



There is more than anecdotal evidence that delays of re-upping Task Orders is due to:

- COTR Challenges

- Errors w/ Paperwork Submissions

- Budget Processing

- Agency Confirming need



For existing contractors that have contracted with an agency, that are not complete with their support, the approval should be streamlined for additional / re-prioritized work so that an Agency can continue without support interruption. Budgetary concerns are not at odds with Mission delivery. Often, existing contractors, are willing to continue support levels to complete the mission. Where there is a delay in that support:

- the chance of variability of resources provision,

- loss of mission focus for the agency,

- and loss of support consistency causes delays in Mission completion.


A streamlined approval process initiated at the Program Director level for those existing agreements that are currently in place, should just be addendums to the Task order and not rise to the level and delay of a wholly new Task Order, thereby diminishing the value of agency spend.


This will allow small agencies and small consulting organizations to properly plan for resource provision and commitment. The Treasury could use line items and cost justification expense statements that are akin to memos and the ADS could approve. The agency and the contractor that supports that agency could continue work without stoppage. The lost wages in delay and running under budget slows Mission accomplishment and counters agency driven mandate from legislation and Treasury dictate. The limitation of contractor creep comes from proper agency planning. Often Organization needs shift to operational concerns. It would allow for a re-prioritization of mission need and goals based on Treasury concerns and or emergent events making each agency and sub-agency / program more responsive / efficient with resources. Leadership gets flexibility.

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