Department of Defense

Contractor Analysts

Several offices, departments and agencies (hereafter shops) that collect intelligence or produce intelligence analysis within the Department of Defense are staffed almost exclusively by contractor analysts and collectors. The fact that there are no government analysts or collectors in these shops indicates either that the government anticipates that the shops' existence is temporary, or that the government perceives it is saving money by outsourcing a traditionally government job to defense contractors. In most cases, however, the shops are not temporary, and the defense contractors charge the government high fees that are over and above the salaries they pay to their analysts who fill the billets. I recommend requiring that all intelligence shops that are staffed with contractor collectors and analysts either certify a temporary need for staff or perform a cost analysis that demonstrates the government is saving money by hiring contractors. Barring one or the other of these actions, do not allow the Department of Defense to staff itself with contractor intelligence collectors or analysts.



Idea No. 6030