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Utilize database technology to store contract information in a greatly abbreviated form; Use electronic forms technology to merge variable data (database fields) with forms (even forms can be variable). Build database driven tools for contractors to enter new offer information and modifications to contracts; Build in calculators that apply rules (i.e.: Calculator subtracts negotiated discount and properly applies fees to arrive at a Net Price). Build in greater self validation of contract offer information through online checklists that validate completion of required documentation before an offer or modification can be submitted. An offer could be entered via database driven prompts and the base contract documents built automatically (Auto builds of correct pricing spreadsheets). Taking a look at information automation and tools that make sense in the contracting environment can greatly improve the bottom line in storage costs (Server or SAN costs), information workflow/processing costs, and improve the consistency/quality/timliness of information inputs and output. Store less - Embrace Digital Information Management - Start evaluating well upstream where the data originates; How can economies be achieved in the way information is received, how it is stored, how we work with it, how information products are generated? Reduce key strokes as much as possible; Remove manual data handling and transfer to the greatest extent possible. Thank You. MBA/PMP

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