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Contract Receipt and Review

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Currently, contractual documents are delivered through EDW (electronic document workflow) and are reviewed by each member of the contract management team without regard to applicability to their function. Generally, that includes 1 GS06 or 07, three GS-11s, and perhaps 1 or two GS 12s. A fair assumption is that each of these individuals spend one hour per day reviewing contracts; so we can assume 5 hours per work day. If you take out time for leave, alternate work schedules, etc., let us assume 3 days of CR - or 15 hours per week. That is a total of about $500 per week per contract office. There are about 100 primary and seconday DCMA offices (and several more tertiary locations.) That assumes $50 K spent in CR each week, or about $2.5 million in CR cost per year. I propose that all contracts would go to the GS-06 or 07 Procurement Technician for screening. If the contract is routine, that person could simply perform the data reviews necessary and file the item. If there are special contract clauses, or complex items, etc., the PT would decide to forward the contract to the appropriate functional specialists for review. I estimate that this would eliminate about 40% of the contract review costs, saving $1 miliion per year in CR costs. It would also free up approximately 30,000 productive person hours per year that can be spent on more critical tasks. As a 27-year employee of the agency, I have seen procedures come and go - and realize that sometimes, the old ways are best. This is the way contract review was conducted 20-odd years ago when everything was paper.

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