Legislative Branch

Continuity of services, Work From Home and Money Savings

The President has asked agencies to review means to provide "Continuity of Services" in a crisis. Well the first crisis is here, the price of doing business has significantly increased this year just because of rising fuel and eletric rates.

My Idea is to expand on the excellent idea the president has for Continuity of Services by mandating that all agencies that can provide work from home options begin doing so now.


Most work from home options require computers

which draw 500+ watts of electricity. The participants would be paying that cost.

The participants could be required to supply their own computer if an existing one was not available.

less electricity would be used to cool government buildings because fewer computers and fewer bodies means less heat generated and large portions of buildings might be closed of or some buildings not leased at all.

It would reduce cost associated with commuting, such as parking, road repair, enforcement and polution.

To top it all off ample staff would be in place at all times to provide services for the country in a crisis



Idea No. 14676