Department of Housing and Urban Development

Construction Ducuments Digital Vault, Division or Bureau

PROBLEM: typical Construction Documents Sets (like drawings, specifications, contracs, bid packages, etc.) are very large and heavy weight in nature, consuming a lot resources and money from the agencies & customers.


SOLUTION: to establish a centralized Digital Vault, so all sets can be submitted, saved & shared in a digital manner, reducing cost of production, cost on filling, shorting access time to all their users, improving security controls and project coordination; waste is also reduced...


JUSTIFICATION: a lot of money and space is lost producing, managing and accessing this lage documents sets. Its centralization and digitalization will reduced cost (printing, shipping, filling, etc), improves access (from anywhere & anytime in less time), improves security (beter control), and improves coordination among users (like Project Managers, Contract Manager, Lawyers, Underwriters, Supervisors, etc.) during reviews, oversight, procurement, payments, and other management operations.


IMPLEMENTATION: the implementation process may consist in the creation of a specialized division within each agency, and/or a special Bureau who can take custody of all the construction documents and manage its access to designated employees and/or agency officials. Access to some customers (like Designers, Lenders, Appraisers, Consultants, etc.) might also be granted to facilitate submittal, review and oversight process.

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