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Consolodate MWR HQ's to make one service independent Joint MWR

Establish a central Joint Service MWR (Morale Well-Being & Recreation) Command that is capable of serving all bases and all services similar to how AAFES serves all the bases retail needs. There are 5 separate service MWR HQ commands such as MCCS, Air Forces Services Agency, Army MWR, Coast Guard MWR and Navy MWR. Many of these departments have many company and field grade officers supporting running their departments at the FOA and the Base level. Why not free up some of these Officer positions by centralizing the command structure. Combined services MWR assets could also ensure that there is increased buying power at a centralized location such as AAFES in Dallas has. Many of these HQ MWR Commands do not help the bases with shipping, logistics and marketing which needs to be tailored to fit the needs of that location. The HQ staff are senior employees that simply guide the bases with policy. Many of these Agencies have expensive Video studios that are seldom used while marketing services are contracted out to expensive ad agencies. There are many talented junior MWR employees that have the capability of creating professional marketing materials however there is a large gap in rank between junior employees at the base and senior employees at the HQ. Also centralizing command will ensure that service member needs are being determined by real marketing industry metrics and research, and not by the personal wishes of local base commanders and their spouses. Employees could also be assigned world-wide by a centralized command reducing the need for the bases to support these employees and rotation requirements would be determined to benefit the central command, and not to blindly follow local time in country requirements by base command.

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