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Consolidation of technology/new media efforts

A follow to my post below: I learned that although the gov't has well-trained, talented people, we are using outside contractors to do the work at $300 an hour that we could/should do ourselves.



The speed at which technology is outpacing government practices calls for a new way for departments and agencies to keep up the pace. Each agency has used, is currently using or plans to create tools that will take advantage of the latest online/new media technologies that allow the federal government to more fully serve the public while maintaining the integrity of our computer systems. There should not be a government agency that does not use a myriad of new media technologies to get the word out about what we do, why we do it and how the public can be helped. A cursory scan of government websites shows a wide range of successes. However, the redundancy between agencies and often within an agency cries out for a better way to harness the vast network of government IT developers to create a super group that can deliver a wide range of new technology products to all government agencies. The time and money being wasted with various groups creating the same product does produce a viable outcome. Imagine this: The BLM, Forest Service and Parks all are working on or created smart phone apps so users can find a campsite, a monument, etc. Imagine the power if the three agencies combined to offer a power app or even launched their own apps using the same technology created by the super group. Money saved over and over and over again. This super group should be a coalition of technology experts with communication and/or marketing experts from all government agencies who can work together to build products that can be easily adapted by any agency. I see this group as the elite. The most well-versed group of experts in the field. They would be the incubator for what should become a well-connected government that helps the public. And we’d save money.



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