Department of the Treasury

Consolidation of Resource Components

We need to start taking a close look at consolidating resource components throughout government. We need to develop score cards for how well one agency does business and begin reducing redundant systems creating 'exclusive delegation agreements' for services and administrative processing functions. For instance, Bureau of Public Debt is streamlining the process how Delegated Examination Unit and Classification functions are performed for several Treasury bureaus now. If BPD does it better, let BPD equip itself to handle not only other Treasury bureaus but develop fee-for-service agreements (e.g. like administrative Franchise Funds) to serve and bill other agencies. This is also true to streamline procurement functions in some central manner as well as performing security clearance functions - OPM is really good at doing clearances, so there should be no other reason to have this function duplicated elsewhere - ever (unless national security interests or specialized requirements dictate otherwise). NSF and OMB are really good at developing federal financial assistance guidance and procedure/process and criteria, let's equip NSF to effectively manage the portfolios of other branch agencies' grant portfolios. NFC does USDA and TSP, let them handle the integration of all payroll and retirement benefits processing. ASAP should handle vendor and grant recipient payments-they're good at it. FMS (Treasury) debt management/recovery functions can be consolidated and removed from other agencies., etc... We can work to substantially cut human and capital resource spending on leases, space, salaries, wages, retirement and other benefits. For the service agencies that remain, let's locate them in existing GSA space in areas that will promote local growth and employ workers at a reduced cost of living. Let's begin looking at this out the box - let's strategically locate talent and utilize what we've already got rather than work from 100 angles on the same issue/problem.

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