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Consolidation of CBP and TSA Bonded Facility and Cargo Operation

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Prior to the creation of the DHS, the former US Customs Service was the primary entity for inspecting inbound and outbound foreign cargo at US International airports as well as compliance and control of related bonded facilities.


The events of September 11, 2001 resulted in the creation of DHS as well as the TSA with the consolidation of the Customs Service into CBP. Since 2001 the TSA has grown and expanded in mission to now have oversight responsibilities of cargo security on domestic flights as well as oversight of related facilities that store air cargo. CBP has continued with the prior US Customs mission of oversight of all arriving and departing foreign cargo and well as oversight and regulations of bonded facilities storing foreign cargo.


Action Recommended:


•Real time implementation of a strategic DHS Air Cargo Security Plan eliminating overlap of CBP and TSA cargo security duties while improving cost and personnel effectiveness.


•Process improvement needs to occur from the ground up at the port and field office level. Immediate TDY of TSA cargo inspectors to CBP as well as the TDY deployment of CBP cargo officers to TSA will open communication and indentify mission creep.


•Strategic plan should envision the creation of joint cargo inspections facilities at each airport where CBP and TSA operate separate cargo screening operations. Facility will consolidate office and inspection space and equipment while eliminating duplicate tasks and inspections.


•Consolidation of CBP and TSA bonded facility oversight regulations into one plan eliminating duplicate regulations and enforcement on both Government and the Industry. The Industry is currently operating under both CBP and TSA cargo and warehouse regulations,,,,two sets of regulations for one agency.


•Immediate hold on all CBP or TSA high value equipment or facility purchases/lease without full review of joint mission compatibility and consolidation potential.

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