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Consolidate and leverage job knowledge across all US agencies

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With the increase use of Consultants due to lack of skills within an agency, it is cost effective to leverage current US Government Employees education and job knowledge across all agencies where needed there is a need without going through long and tenuous process to apply for positions . Most select the contract route due to the ease to obtain resources to fill the agency’s needs quickly. For example an individual who has education in International management but working in Information Technology could be leveraged to fill the needed skills in other agencies without costly contract help. The present process involves months and involves several systems to move a government employee to another agency, why cannot there be a system of temporary assignments to other agencies to fill needs where skills and resources are not being utilitized to their fullest. Perhaps there could be a list of available employees and their skills and educations where agencies could pick from to fill agency needs. The end results is that employees will maintain skills and update their technical abilities to both job knowledge and efficient operational implementation of skills are maintained.

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