Department of Defense

Consolidate and Contract Military Recruiting

Conduct a survey to see if it is feasible to consolidate all military recruiting agencies (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard) into one contracted agency. Currently, with each branch having its own recruiting service, there is an enormous duplication of effort. Having one civilian contractor be responsible for all military recruiting would greatly streamline the process. This would result in an enormous savings just in the rental of office space alone, not to mention vehicles, computer equipment, personnel, office supplies, etc.

I believe this would also provide better customer service for applicants. Applicants would have one-stop-shop so to speak. There would be no confusion about which office they need to go to, and they could find out about each branch from an unbiased individual and make the decision which one is right for them.

I also feel educators in the schools would appreciate this as well. Currently most high schools are visited by recruiters from each branch every month. This can be quite a distraction, especially during testing times. In this situation, the school would have one POC for all branches and would only need to be visited once or twice a month rather than 4-5 times per month.

This would take some considerable planning and coordination to get the bugs worked out, but I believe it can be done and would save US taxpayers millions.

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