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Consolidate all Web-based Training Courses - Single System

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The Federal Government spends several billion dollars developing, hosting, and conducting training courses each year. Today every Agency has its own web-based learning management system and develops its own courses. There is little to no integration of training capabilities or content, no consolidated training resource list, and very limited multi-Agency coordinated training development initiatives. Every Agency has its own Learning Management System missing the opportunity for consolidated procurement opportunities and associated price breaks for large quantity procurements and interoperability. In many Agencies, courses are developed at each individual geographic location and often by individual organizations within a single geographic location creating a incredible amount of unnecessary redundant courses and overlap across the entire Federal government system. This results in excessive waste of precious taxpayer resources and the inability for one Agency to know of and/or access courses already available in another Agency. Often labor and procurement resources are spent to acquire training that already exists in another Agency.


1. Create a web-based, consolidated training material list that contains the title of the courses, a course description, the host Agency, and the delivery format that is accessible by all federal and contractor personnel.


2. Create a consolidated learning management content server system or cloud-based system that makes non-secure, instructor-led and web-based training materials available to all Civil Servants, DOD-personnel, and our contractors – basically expanding the Defense Acquisition University concept to a government-wide, all training discipline concept.


3. Issue a White House directive that strongly encourages the use of web-based, self-paced training formats for most federal training courses that are lecture-based, not application-oriented, and that focus on the transfer of fundamentals and general knowledge content – in lieu of the traditional instructor-led training methods that are inefficient to deliver to large working organizations and have generally recurring delivery costs for every training instance.


For example -- I have a single eight hour Risk Management course example that is needed by 980 Civil Servants, was only available in a classroom format, and is only taught three times a year – I captured, post-produced, and hosted the lecture in a web-based training format for $10,000 and will save NASA 1.4 million dollars in direct training costs and will allow the Agency to train this portion of the workforce in less than two years when it would have taken 11 years at the current delivery pace. This strategy alone would potentially save our Government and the taxpayers billions of dollars and possibly tens of billions of dollars in only few years.


I am the Director of a very comprehensive NASA safety engineering professional development program for six disciplines that is very portable to all Federal agencies, DoD, and the associated contractors – but they can’t get behind the NASA firewall and into the NASA Learning Management System. None of the training is classified – it’s simply an IT access challenge created by the firewalls and lack of a Federal Government integrated training system.


This is not a technical challenge – it is simply getting out of the same old stove-piped training box that we were in before the web made all of this possible. The technology and know-how is readily available to solve the challenge – it is a multi-agency leadership opportunity.


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