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Department of Homeland Security

Consolidate all FEMA Training Programs and Databases

Currently FEMA has several stovepipe employee and customer training entities, e.g., the Response Training and Education Division (TED), the Emergency Management Institute (EMI), and the National Fire Academy (NFA), and FEMA HCO Training Office.

Each entity has its own training enrollment requirements, forms, and databases and administrative staff. FEMA has no current way of knowing whether anyone has completed mandatory training because we do not have an agency-wide employee training data base that allows managers to know when someone has completed mandatory training, and would allow employees to easily enroll for such agency sponsored training.

I propose that FEMA consolidate its training organizations under one SES Training Czar and that the agency develop an agency wide employee training database, easily accessible by employees and managers to enroll in training and track completion of mandatory training and be able to provide training completion and other reports to managers, employees and auditors. Instead of having three or more SES employees managing training programs, FEMA would save SES position money and adminstrative costs to have all employee training combined into one single entity. Instead of duplicative administrators and administrative staff, we could save money and use the savings to purchase more training for employees and customers. Having one simple procedure for training enrollment and one training database and one training entity would reduce redundancy, save administrative costs, and improve training access for FEMA employees.



Idea No. 4186