Department of Transportation

Consolidate Site Visits

The FAA technicians make several trips each year to their sites to perform preventative (PM) and corrective maintenance (CM). These sites are located anywhere from very close to several hours away from the maintenance office. Currently the PM's are scheduled in intervals that give the technician a certain window of time to perform the maintenance. If a tech is at a site for one reason and the PM is not open, the tech will have to drive back to the site once the PM opens. This wastes lots and lots of time driving back and fourth to sites that can be located several hours away. A very simple solution to this problem would be to always have the PM open and to have a due date that the PM has to be performed by. This would let the tech perform the PM anytime they were at the site and had time to do it. No more waiting and making extra trips once the PM opened. When the PM is performed the scheduling program would adjust the dates accordingly for the next scheduled PM interval. This will cut the current site visits by a quarter at least saving thousands of man hours, miles on gov vehicles and fuel. I know this works. Military PM's are scheduled with only a due date and a scheduler that updates the new due date from the date the PM was performed.



Idea No. 16726