Department of Transportation

Consolidate GovTrip Fees: A quick and quantifiable solution

This idea is computable, keeps accountability, and very easy to implement: Require travelers who have long-term temporary assignments (3 weeks or greater) to submit a travel authorization for the entire trip, rather than the required maximum (e.g., a 3 month assignment would require 4 authorizations). Authorizations cost $15 through GovTrip, so why not have a one-time submittal for these longer trips? The traveler can still get reimbursed through interim vouchers, which have zero cost, whenever they deem fit. Furthermore, this idea does not require renegotiations with GovTrip. It can be done in-house. This improvement would save time, money, and still keep fiscal responsibility.


Example: In my agency’s 2 year development program, ~10 – 12 months are required for assignments. If this were implemented, I would personally save the government over $200, not to mention the hours and paperwork it takes to review, approve, and process these documents. For my small program in my agency alone, that could amount to almost $5,000/year. I believe this idea embodies the intent of this award: cut red tape and save money. Just think about how this could be expanded across the federal government as a whole…

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