Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Consolidate Electronic Journal Subscriptions

Government agencies subscribe to hundreds (maybe thousands) of electronic journals (e.g. physical sciences, economics and business, law, military, medicine, art, social sciences, etc.). As far as I know, there has been no attempt to consolidate these subscriptions. Instead, each agency does this on its own. The result is that the federal government pays for multiple subscriptions to the same electronic journal (at institutional subscription rates, which are quite expensive). Take a single journal (Journal of Hydrology), as an example. It's reasonable to expect that the following agencies subscribe to this journal: NRC, DOE (+subscriptions at multiple National Labs), USGS, USBR, USDA, FWS, DOD, EPA, and NSF, among others. It would be cheaper and more efficient for a single entity (GSA, perhaps?) to negotiate a single subscription price and then provide access to all government agencies through a single web portal. This would eliminate the cost for multiple agency subscriptions and also reduce costs currently borne by each agency to process the subscriptions and maintain individual agency web portals. As an example of how this might work, consider how most large universities make access to electronic journals available to multiple campuses (and distance learners) through their university library website. Individual subscriptions may have made sense back when journals were distributed as hard copies, but makes little sense today's world of e-journals.



Idea No. 16146