Department of Defense

Consolidate DoD Military Criminal Investigative Organizations

As a result of BRAC actions, the following headquarter elements of the Military (Defense) Criminal Investigative Service Organizations have relocated to a newly constructed facility at Quantico, VA. Also relocated to the same facility was the Joint Counterintelligence Training Academy (JCITA). The MCIO's have the responsibilities to conduct felony level criminal investigations and operations on behave of their respective services: Navy/USMC-NCIS; Air Force-OSI; Army- CID. NCIS and OSI also have responsibilities in combating terrorism and conducting counterintelligence (CI) investigations and operations for their respective services. Army CI investigations and operations are conducted/managed separately by ARMY CI/G-2X. OSI and NCIS conduct their basic and advanced criminal investigator training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center with other federal law enforcement agencies, while Army CID does theirs at Ft. Leonardwood. The consolidation of the HQ elements in one facility draws the obvious. Since the MCIOs enforce federal statutes, to include UCMJ, a merged/combined agency (Defense Bureau of Investigation) should be considered. Redundencies would be eliminated, administrative and opeational resource efficiencies created. Furthermore, ARMY CI activities should be conjoined like Navy and AF has done. The work force and leadership should largerly be comprised of civilian law enforcement and CI professionals, thus, allowing the active duty forces, which largely comprises OSI and Army's work force, to be used as the military forces are meant to be used - Warfighters. JCITA activities should be moved to FLETC which has an efficient training apparatus, thus freeing up space at the HQ facility for Army CI to expand its presence at Quantico. Furthermore, the development of a DBI would eliminate the need for the Defense Counterintelligence & HUMINT Center (DCHC) as this mission would be absorbed by the larger DBI HQ.



Idea No. 761