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Consolidate DOD Acquisition E Business Programs

Consolidating the software systems used in DOD Acquisition will save tax payers money. Administrative processes which are necessary throughout DOD acquisition efforts are duplicated needlessly across DOD Agencies. Branches of the military use different software programs to write contracts for purchasing supplies or services. The electronic document access program (EDA), contract administration database (MOCAS) and electronic invoicing program (WAWF) are all separate entities, although they must work together. These differences and separate programs increase the cost of acquisition unnecessarily. Thousands of errors which involve billions of dollars could be prevented with a single streamlined Acquisition E Business Program.


Programs which involve the DOD’s business should be dependable, accurate, easy to use, versatile, fast, and secure. The current system looks like a bowl of spaghetti instead of clear flow of information. All DOD agencies should be conducting business in relatively the same way. Unclassified procurement information should be shared across agencies where it makes sense. A streamlined acquisition e business program is a good way to save money. It would be a tool to that would allow DOD to concentrate on providing better management and oversight to the acquisition process, rather than just making things work by fixing problems.


It's possible by creating a program that assigns an embedded address to each element of a contract. Levels built into the database allow templates to rearrange the data into any number of ways but maintaining data integrity. Elements of the contract which are consistent in every contract could be arranged on an interactive grid which is dynamic. The original contract data stays locked and archived. Data is always taken directly from the original contract. This preserves data integrity and reduces errors.In turn reducing the administration effort and reduces costs throughout the entire acquisition management effort.



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