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Consider Podcasts Instead of National Conference Calls

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Every year, agencies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on national conference calls. This is especially true for agencies that provide training to stakeholders. In these cases, a call can last 2 hours with only a half an hour of that time allotted for Questions and Answers.


The government should consider moving to a podcast format. This way, the speakers can record the calls on their own time, and those calls can be released to the general public to download and listen to, with a Question and Answer period at a later date. This will also reduce the need for encore call presentations which cost extra money as well and are usually limited in availability due to monetary constraints.


The cost of podcast hosting is insignificant compared to the cost of providing a national call with thousands of lines, and the benefit is much greater. Podcasts will allow more listeners to hear the content of the calls and they will be able to do so at their own leisure. Additionally, they will be able to replay parts of the podcast in order to maximize the understanding of the content.


Our government has successfully integrated social media into our communication repertoire. We now regularly communicate to the country via youtube, twitter, and facebook. Let’s embrace podcasts as a communication tool as well. Podcasts are a 21st century way of communicating information. Let’s modernize all our communication!

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