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Conserve Power and water

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In my ventures as a government employee I do see a lot of waste in electricity and water. I have noticed a sink in the bathroom of my office building that has run nonstop since I moved to this location a year and a half ago, if that was my sink at home I would have had a heart attack when I got my water bill, even after it has been reported to the building repair staff it goes unfixed, and we are asking the American people and Government employees to tighten up our belts, yet we pay for this water faucet to run non-stop??? And the lights that could be turned off at the end of the duty day could save a fortune, do you even know how much we spend on the power bill on lights that are never turned off in the basements, hallways, and bathrooms of government buildings when no one is even in the buildings, we have the air turned off for the weekends, and that makes it run harder early Monday morning to cool off our buildings, but we do not turn off the lights??? Why can this be a no brainer, fix the water faucets and turn the lights off, thanks.

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