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Congressional Act of 2012

Congress gets the same benefits, and lack there of, as other federal employees. Pay freezes and furloughs affect Congress if they wish to pass it for everyone else.


Same healthcare as everyone else.


Same retirement plans as everyone else. If you aren’t retiring then you need to get another job.


No more voting on their own pay and pay raises. If we don’t get one, you don’t get one.


Anything outside of work is paid on their own dollar. Unless they have annual leave like us, they shouldn’t be paid to vacation.


If Congress takes longer then week to decided on something dire to prevent a government shut down, they shouldn’t get paid to sit there and squabble for a month. No pay until they get the job done.


No free schooling for their kids. They make too much money to need government aid.


Being in Congress is a service to the American people, not the other way around!



Idea No. 12972