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Congress Needs To Cut Spending

Here are my suggestion(s) to help the government stop wasting the taxpayer's money:

1) They should not be allowed to deduct their personal living expenses while in Washington. Ever hear of a tax home? The ordinary citizen cannot deduct their personal living expenses where they work.

2) Stop going on all these trips abroad. Does it really take an entire committee to go view a disaster area?

3) Stop using taxpayer money for personal hair cuts, gyms, and other perks.

4) When they talk about furloughing government employees because of no budget, Congress should not get paid until a budget is passed.

5) Stop voting yourselves big pay raises while cutting back on benefits for the taxpayers.

6) Remember it is a government FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE - not for some bigwig who can grease your palms.



Idea No. 17022