Department of Energy

Congress - Lock Down/Fix Fuel/Gasoline Prices NOW!

Congress should “lock fuel prices” at a fair price.


Each time the economy begins to recover; gasoline/fuel prices increase (again and again) and slap the economy back down; it almost put the US automobile industry out of business!


It is time to place a “fixed” price per gallon on gasoline, jet, diesel, and heating fuels. This will allow the government (who purchases huge amounts of fuels) and private business to better plan their operating/hiring budgets without worrying about the constantly unreasonable fluctuation of fuel costs.


Fixing fuel prices will put more money into the pockets of workers; who will ultimately put more money back into the economy.


Fixed fuel prices will not put the oil companies out of business, but will help the US economy recover and help the US government save money!



Idea No. 3453