Department of Homeland Security

Computerized ICE Form 73-293

ICE-HSI utilizes a form called an ICE Form 73-293. This form is a 6 page carbon copy document. Currently it is the only form in our agency that requires a typewriter to complete. It is estimated that tens of thousands of these forms are submitted each year. The carbon-copy format also makes mistakes absolute, thus requiring one to waste several forms before submitting a final copy. A portion of this form also has to be mailed, subsequently creating the need for envelopes and postage. In order to move to a paperless system, I have already created a computerized PDF document of the ICE form 73-293 that incorporates electronic signatures and auto-fill cells. This form will also eliminate the need for typewriters and typewriter ribbon, two items that are always submitted on office supply requisitions. Not only would our agency become more efficient and save money but the U.S. Government Printing Office, the manufacturer and distributer of this document, would also save money. Further, there would be no out of pocket expense to the government to implement this idea. Savings would begin immediately.



Idea No. 1196