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Department of Justice

Computerized Call-Outs

Every prison in the Federal Bureau of Prisons uses "Call-Outs" to have inmates show up at specific places on a given day within the prison. These call-outs are loaded into a computer system (SENTRY). These call-outs are printed out every morning and distributed to the individual housing units within the prisons. Each daily call-out list averages 8-10 pages per day. Approximately 15-20 lists are printed each day.


My suggestion is to install a dedicated computer monitor in each housing unit and other high traffic areas within the institution. These monitors would display the daily call-outs for the institution as well as any other pertinent inmate information.


Although the initial start-up cost of this plan would be somewhat expensive. The overall savings in reduced paper and printer usage would more than make up for the initial cost.



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