Department of Health and Human Services

Computer-based training shared across agencies

While on long-term detail from CDC to U.S. EPA, I was required to take routine periodic computer-based training for both agencies--for example, I took Information Security Awareness, as well as Ethics, training twice a year during the 2-year detail. I observed that each agency provided essentially the same training, with the information presented slightly differently. EPA’s training was in general more informative than the HHS training, but the same content was covered. I wonder why each federal agency should separately purchase, or pay a contractor to develop, training that another agency has already obtained. Government-wide, developing duplicative computer-based training must be costly, and I wonder if there would be some economy of scale. Perhaps it would be worthwhile to obtain a comparative estimate for routine computer-based training development costs that are provided by multiple federal agencies: one training software program for multiple agencies vs. separate training software for each agency.



Idea No. 18162