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Legislative Branch

Comprehensive Government reform.

1) End all subsidies to corporations and collect a flat corporate tax of 15% from all businesses.

2) End all farm subsidies. This will get corporations out of farming and ranching and put it back into the hands of the family farmer where it belongs.

3) End all energy subsidies. If ethanol was a good idea, it would pay for itself.

4) Form a Tenth Amendment commission whose sole responsibility would be to sift through the entire budget and federal operation and cut any program that violates the Tenth amendment.

5) Repeal the 17th Amendment. Give the states back representation in Washington DC. Doesn't anyone get worried that Albania has official representation in Washington, but California does not?

6) Add a constitutional amendment stating that if you can't vote, you can't donate to any political candidate or entity. This will end corporate sponsorship of candidates as well as foreign influence in our elections.

7) Decommission the Federal Reserve. Nuff said.

8) Institute a policy of "What you pay one American to do, you must pay all Americans that do that". So if you are going to pay a farmer to not grow corn, you have to pay all Americans that do not grow corn the same amount.



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