Environmental Protection Agency

Compliance, Public Accountability, and Greater Transparency

A number of facilities that are regulated that must comply with environmental rules and regulations, ( think RCRA, CAA, CWA) are issued permits. Within these permits are operational requirements.


In today's day and age of electronic reporting, the EPA’s desire to increase public awareness about the environment, and the EPA’s decreasing budget being afforded to compliance and enforcement programs, let's begin requiring these facilities to electronically report to the EPA and the public their compliance with their permit, and applicable rules and regulations.


The report to the public should be made available on the facility’s website in an easily accessible location. An easy example to apply this to is a facility with an NPDES permit. Within the permit are permissible discharge rate and permissible limits on pollutants. The permit states that the this discharged must be monitored at a specific frequency. Let’s begin requiring this information be posted so the public can see how facilities are maintaining compliance and allow the EPA to continuously monitor compliance.



Idea No. 16150