Department of Homeland Security

Community Based Emergency Centers - Rail-Safe Harbor

Rapid Respose from FEMA.

Local Employment Construction Opportunity.

Base-sites in communities (e.g. Inexpensive warehouse design, eg. Walgreens size) that are multi-use and spread across the National Rail system to house, treat and/or evacuate populace on a temporary short term basis for a few days before, during or after a disaster event. FEMA heavy resources respond to each location within 6 hours via freight rail utilizing pre-positioned stock less than 300 track miles away, thus permitting directed heavy equipment and personnel to swiftly insert anywhere across the entire lower continental U.S. Rail insertion retains controlled scalable characteristics while avoiding conflict with evacuating traffic on the local highway network. No local on site storage of large scale FEMA emergency supplies/expertise is required.

People assemble at a local Rail Safe Harbor site for assistance either before or after a disaster. FEMA train set rolls in with gear and trained personnel in conjunction with local first responders. Train engine provides generated electric power to Rail Safe Harbor Station Site, if needed. Populace is treated at site or transported to another Rail Safe Harbor site about 150 to 250 miles away from the event. This reduces automobiles from the evacuation routes. People are moved only a short distance to another standardized Safe Harbor site, if needed, for a few days and then can return.

Each county or locality hosts at least one (1) Rail Safe Harbor site that has dual usage capabilities for peacetime versus emergency events. Peacetime usage can be private leased warehousing or public hall use, with proviso that all private industry materiel can be fork lifted out of hall in under 6 hours in order to transfer usage to Rail Safe Harbor - hence dual use and potentially self-funding. Rail Safe Harbor station sites can be powered up by any Diesel Electric Train engine, as needed, apart from the local electric grid which may be damaged.

Veterans can help.

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