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Communications Improves Efficiency, Morale, and Saves Money

Communications, Clarity of Purpose, and Transparency are key elements of any successful mission/organization.


Develop a robust communication strategy and implement it. It is a dynamic and living thing that should be giving top priority for the success of the mission.


Utilize every tool, strategy and idea available in this realm. If you do not have it, develop it. Again, clarity of purpose and transparency are a high priority if you want success for an org.


This needs to go all the way down to the team level.


Consider a 5 to 10 flash meeting at the division/dept/team level(size appropriate), to communicate necessary information.


If relevant, consider a "Plan of the Day" implementation.


Consider the possible ways and areas where you can make your comms "interactive". When people are required to interact, they are engaged and alert. This also gives you better tracking and accountability.


I have noticed that it is very common for people to say things like:


"I wish I understood what they meant by that?"

"I wish I knew what they "really" want?"

"Well, that's nice... but we are not going to do it that way."

"I wish I would have known that, or know that sooner."


These and the many variations stem from the lack of effective communication.


This really needs to made a priority. To be successful it needs to permeate the entire org from top to bottom.


This needs to be fully tracked and contain full accountability from both employee and management.


And, there is no reason why it can't be a positive experience and even sometimes enjoyable! (See Improve Morale)



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