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Common-sense Computer Upgrades

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I propose that the DOD defers new computer purchases in favor of purchasing minor parts to upgrade existing computers.


As a computer hardware enthusiast, I can attest to the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of replacing minor parts versus buying an entirely new computer. To give an idea of the savings that can be realized, I have personally re-created $5,000 dollar (brand name) computers for only $1,500.


Implementation of my plan would be fairly simple:

1. Identify minimum system requirements for Windows 7. (The most current OS available to DOD.)

2. Identify system resources on hand. This will have to include computer systems in storage, unused office-space, etc.

3. Submit shortfalls, and receive or purchase the requisite materials.

4. Allow the skilled communications professionals of each unit to make appropriate installations. (In the modern age of computer technology, most upgrades can be done by the end user, following simple instructions and with basic hand tools.)


Implementing this plan would have the benefit of getting government mandated agencies such as AFWAY out of the picture. I will cite my own experience again by saying that AFWAY computers are much more expensive than their identical civilian counterparts.

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