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Common Sense

Hmm, how to save money? Hey, I have an idea: let's try "living" within/below our means. For starters, how about we cut off foreign aid, both to foreign countries as well as to foreign nationals who come to this country for the purpose of taking advantage of our very lax and very stupid immigration and public social services policies. Why are we taking care of the citizens of other countries while neglecting or even penalizing our own citizenry with higher taxes and fewer services? Next we should stop being the world's police force and stop overextending our military by fighting needless, unrighteous wars. I understand some very greedy people want oil to refine and gouge the public with, but how about we work on developing alternative, CLEAN fuel sources (NO, NOT COAL!!!!!!!!!). Next, perhaps we can stop borrowing money to pay for our daily "needs" and start producing goods in America again, which can be exported to other countries. Why in the world are we so beholden to China, both for borrowing and for cheap, and often toxic goods!?!?!?!?!? After that, maybe we can stop wasteful domestic spending and get rid of or consolidate superfluous and/or overlapping agencies and departments. We should also look at docking legislators' pay everyday they go beyond their deadlines and fail to approve a budget. I bet when it's their money in danger of being cut, as opposed to their threats of cutting the pay of the peon public workforce or the retirees they seem to disdain and yet count on for votes, they'll come to an agreement in a flash. The partisan politics and the economic greed are killing this country from the inside. If it continues, we'll go from late-empire to third world nation soon enough. Maybe we can review history, and avoid making the mistakes of other older nations and past empires. I doubt it. We'll see.



Idea No. 496