Department of the Treasury

Combined Federal Campaign - reduction in paper copes

I'd like to reduce the amount of paper processing for the Combined Federal Campaign. Each year, to meet an OPM requirement, area campaigns print both campaign directories showing the approved organizations and pledge cards for the entire federal workforce. Printing both directories and pledge cards are a direct expense the local campaign must pay. Now that electronic donations are possible (via employee express for example), I believe the pledging should be all automated thus saving these printing costs. Once an employee chooses whether or not to donate, these directories and pledge cards are not needed at all and thus thrown away. The IRS and many other federal agencies utilize Employee Express to electonically donate money so why does OPM still require the paper documents are printed? I believe the requirement has not caught up with the technology available. The savings would put more money in the hands of the charities; who the funds are intended for initally. Another positive would be the reduction of input errors when manual processing of pledge cards is done. Obviously postage savings would occur since these documents would no longer require mailing to various offices. A win win for everyone!



Idea No. 18855