Department of Justice

Combine the U.S. Marshall Service and Federal Bureau of Prisons

Since we have two completely seperate agencies that have similar goals, why do we insist that we need twice as many top level managers to run similar operations? What I am saying is, BOP employees are trained initially, annualy and in special training (sucs as BPT) to arrest, restrain and escort inmates on and off prison property. The BOP even has their own investigative division. The Marshalls (with all due respect) investigate, arrest, restrain and escort suspects, inmates and anyone between those two status'. I am not proposing a reduction in workforce per se in the field. I believe the government is probably working with fewer Marshalls and BOP Staff than policy and safety says they should anyway. I am talking about a combining of top management, training facilities, uniforms, offices or institutions, cross over training and etc. It makes perfect sense. Imagine how much communication can be improved with a reduction in jurisdiction and political red tape as well. Please consider this option. I am sure other Federal LEO's could be combined also. Thank you!

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